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Welcome to Vector Group!

We Are…

A team of psychologist/clinician coaches and consultants with the rare combination of psychological insight, business acumen and healthcare expertise. As clinician-coaches, we understand the interplay of relationship dynamics, human behavior, and context in healthcare ecosystems. We know how to read and understand each coaching engagement in all its complexity--and how to leverage change at the individual, team, and system levels. 

A Firm of executive coaches who work closely together and share a pool of knowledge about the client’s broader organizational culture, as well as nuances beneath the surface. Our curated leadership development curriculum provides a coordinated approach to our client organizations.  Our clients benefit from learning a common language and framework that improves interpersonal, team and organizational interactions, communications, and outcomes. 

Driven by our values of integrity, compassion, wisdom, relationships, scientific knowledge, and best practice. Our coaching philosophy is infused with our core principle: build relationships with integrity and care to inspire performance and growth.

Helping Leaders Lead Through the Reality of Uncertainty

The lessons of COVID-19 are still emerging. Only one thing is certain: no one can be certain of the conditions under which we will lead in the future. Successful leadership must involve adaptability, emotional intelligence, compassion, and wisdom to lead teams and drive change and growth through uncertainty, upheavals, transitions, and cultural evolution. Vector Group supports leaders grappling with the reality of uncertainty to thrive and guide their organizations to thrive.