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We Are…

…A team of psychologists/clinician coaches and consultants with the rare combination of psychological insight and business acumen. 

…a firm of coaches/consultants who support clients to leverage the intersection & the multi-directional interplay of individual leaders, teams, the system, the environment and the interdependent relationships between them. 

…Experts in executive coaching, team building and culture change. We understand organizational culture and its impact on individuals and teams. Our practice areas include:

  • Healthcare

  • Academic Medicine

  • Pharmaceutical/Biotech

  • Manufacturing Companies

  • Non-Profit Institutions

  • Performing Arts Organizations

  • Financial Services

  • Law and advocacy

  • Education

Helping Leaders Lead Through the Reality of Uncertainty

The lessons of COVID-19 are still emerging. Only one thing is certain: no one can be certain the conditions under which we will lead in the future. This means successful leadership must involve agility, adaptability and steadiness…as well as the emotional intelligence, compassion and wisdom to lead teams through uncertainty, upheavals, transitions and evolution. Vector Group is here to support leaders not simply live with the reality of uncertainty, but to thrive and guide their organizations to thrive. After all, at Vector Group, we have always been guided by the principle that when our clients grow—in insight, empathy, goal achievement and adaptability—their organization grows along with them. 

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