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We are...

A firm of organizational psychologists/clinicians—Business coaches helping leaders and teams achieve the best for themselves and their organizations.

We know when our clients grow—in insight, empathy, and adaptability—the system in which they work grows along with them.

We work at the intersection of the individual and the system, helping leaders gain the capacity to influence people and structure the environment to maximize productivity.


To Beulah Trey, Irene McHenry, and Stephanie Lavorgna
for their publication in the journal Ps
ychology of Leaders and Leadership

Co-CEO leadership—Does it work in health care? A story of success.

A co–chief executive officer (co-CEO) leadership structure is rare (Arena et al., 2011; Dennis et al., 2009; Feigen et al., 2022), and a successful one is even more unique. This case study presents the elements of and process contributing to a successful leadership dyad... Read More

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