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Executive Coaching

QHIC: Quality High Impact Coaching

Organizations have so much riding on their leaders’ success that coaching needs to yield results fast. Vector Group coaches are clinicians, trained to address underlying issues that block productivity and effectiveness.  We know the very way leaders are challenged is often an invitation to their best and largest contributions.

  • 6-8 months of targeted, individual coaching coupled with custom-curated leadership skills.

  • Engagements begin with a robust, scientifically-validated assessment of leaders’ strengths and development opportunities..

  • Coaching goals center on meeting organizational responsibilities while making significant, sustainable gains in the individual’s leadership approach.

Productive Pairs

Many organizations rely on pairs of leaders with complimentary expertise to address the complexity of their operating environments. This often means that leaders with different skillsets and backgrounds are thrown together to figure out how to make a positive impact on their organization while under the spotlight of meeting the enterprise’s most critical strategic goals.

  • Set a foundation for new partnerships, leveraging a pair’s collective strengths and counterbalancing areas of challenge so they grow into a strong, productive dyad.

  • Repair the cracks in existing relationships through hands-on coaching that tackles live issues and imparts skills in communication, listening, expressing differences and managing conflict to facilitate better collaboration for the long term.

For more information or to schedule a no-cost consultation call about how our solutions can assist your organization, contact us.

Click here to download a PDF copy of our 2-page information sheet that you can share with others in your organization.

Productive Pairs
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