Executive Coaching

Vector Group’s coaching engagements are focused, strength-based and goals-driven. Our coaches are experts at understanding and meeting leaders where they are…while at the same time supporting them in advancing their leaderships skills.

We provide a multi-step coaching approach designed for high impact in a shorter period of time…because today’s leaders don’t have a moment of time to spare in meeting their goals. Our Quality, High-Impact Coaching (QHIC™) product is a curated Leadership Development Curriculum specifically designed for executives:

  • Structured as a 5-7 month, tools-based coaching engagement
  • Assists executives in finding the right solutions for leadership development

  • Assesses the individual and his or her context using best-practice and statistically robust tools

  • Provides measurable, high-impact wins

  • Demonstrates that change in a finite time is possible

Our curated Leadership Development Curriculum is based on best practices and the science of understanding personality and change management. It begins with three foundational SkillScepts™, or tools for leaders that help develop their team’s capacity to transition, grow, break down barriers, develop new proficiencies and collaborate within and between groups. Our three foundational SkillScepts focus on: ​

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Change Management 

  • Structure, Delegation and Accountability

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