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Executive Coaching

Vector Group’s coaching engagements are focused, strength-based and goals-driven. Our coaches are experts at understanding and meeting leaders where they are…while at the same time supporting them in advancing their leaderships skills. Our coaches are as effective in recognizing and developing high potential employees and helping in leadership transitions as we are in supporting and illuminating the strengths of those struggling in leadership roles.

We provide a coaching approach designed for high impact in a shorter period of time…because today’s leaders don’t have a moment of time to spare in meeting their goals. Our Quality, High-Impact Coaching (QHIC™) model is a curated Leadership Development Curriculum specifically designed for executives:

•    Structured as a 5-7 month, tools-based coaching engagement
•    Assists executives in finding the right solutions for leadership development
•    Assesses the individual and their context using best-practice and statistically robust tools
•    Provides measurable, high-impact wins
•    Demonstrates that change in a finite time is possible

Our curated Leadership Development Curriculum is built on the applied sciences of personality psychology and change management. It begins with SkillCepts™ - tools for leaders to help them develop their own and their team’s capacity to transition, grow, break down barriers, develop new proficiencies and collaborate within and between groups. Our three foundational SkillCepts focus on: 

•    Emotional Intelligence 
•    Change Management 
•    Structure, Delegation and Accountability

We believe information exchange is the lifeblood of any organization and its smooth flow depends on clear relationships which serve as the arteries to carry that flow. To assist our clients in ensuring information is exchanged accurately and the relationships necessary for goal achievement are in place, we developed over 20 SkillCepts that we train our clients to use as needed for their context. 

Click here to download more information about Vector Group’s coaching philosophy and process.

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