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Team Development

Team Roles and Responsibilities (Team R&R)

Lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities stymies even seasoned teams, hampering productivity and threatening psychological safety. Vector Group partners with teams, laying the groundwork for them to function effectively, get on with the tasks at hand and know what’s expected of each individual and their role in achieving the team’s mission.

  • Team members negotiate agreements about roles and assist each other in taking responsibility for accountability or delegation throughout the team.

  • Team R&R utilizes Responsibility Charting (RACI) as a tool facilitating healthy conversations and powerful decisions on structure, participation and accountability.

Hierarchical Intelligence

Hierarchies are a fact of organizational life, but too often the dynamic among top leadership, executives setting the strategy and the next level down who lead implementation, is dysfunctional or ignored. Critical players may feel overlooked, stuck in their silos, just one of many in a pyramid structure. This creates great risk in the systems organizations rely on to implement their strategy and strive toward their higher purpose. 

  • Vector Group’s approach—unique in the world of organization and team development—taps into leaders themselves to design and navigate an effective hierarchy that eliminates the gap between strategy and implementation, all in service of the organization’s purpose and vision.

  • We clarify and strengthen lateral relationships, busting through silos and creating opportunities for transformation and innovation in service of shared vision.

  • The result: Clear approaches to decision making and delegation, increased collaboration and information flow throughout the enterprise, all in service of your strategy and purpose.

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Hierarchical Intelligence
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