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Team Development

At Vector Group, we understand one of the biggest challenges for leaders is how to engage their teams to help them transition and grow while functioning at their best. Our TeamCepts™ are focused, team-based skills leaders use with teams to optimize functioning and productivity: 

  • Group RACI™: Responsibility charting to improve inter- and cross-functional team effectiveness. Our suite of offerings includes coaching, workshops and e-learning products.

  • Team Diagnostics: Group assessments to gain insights about team functioning, personality, skills and derailers. 

  • Team Building and Development: Grounded on an understanding of human nature and system development, our work supports team in ensuring appropriate conflict and healthy communication flow.

  • Productive Pairs: A program assisting dyads in repairing and rebuilding difficult relationships, enhancing overall organizational functioning.

  • Mindful Leadership: Teaches leaders to integrate mindfulness skills into team interactions to cultivate increased awareness of self and others, while limiting reactive or stress-based decision-making. 

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